About Madeleine Lovett

Candelen's class clown, Madeleine moved to Arizona from Georgia in September 2020 to rebrand the organization and join the team as the Communications & Brand Specialist. Madeleine has a strong background in performing arts and a Bachelor of Science in Public Relations from Georgia Southern University. She enjoys starting her day with several (yes, several) iced coffees, attending concerts, camping without cell service, hiking and paddleboarding with her pups, thrifting, brewery hopping, and collecting plants.

Recent Posts

YAAASSSSS, Queen!!! Making Over an Organization

January 9, 2020

The fab 5 are back and they have enthralled my whole family! Like all of us, the hubs included. I spied my youngest (9) talking to a friend about how to put on perfume, “spray, delay, and walk away!” I mean, #gorgeous!