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Professional development is offered face-to-face, via distance learning, and two annual Early Childhood Conferences. Candelen’s philosophical foundation is based on five simple things that mean you can use the new information learned in your classroom tomorrow:

  • Adults are independent learners
  • Participants have experiences which add value to other’s learning
  • Learning must be relevant to the work
  • Learning must be immediately applicable
  • Adults are motivated to learn

Each session includes active experiences and connections to the work, concluding with a plan to immediately apply the newly acquired knowledge and skills.

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Virtual trainings designed with you in mind

These trainings offer professional development completed from the comfort of your home or center using Zoom. Available to caregivers and early childhood leaders working with children ages 0-8, these trainings covers topics such as temperament, biting, communication, routines, ethics, disability awareness, family engagement, mathematics, and more.

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in the Making

Candelen has collaborated with Mind in the Making to offer a free, virtual train-the-trainer series to members of the early childhood community in February and March 2023. Mind in the Making, a program of the Bezos Family Foundation, shares the science of children's learning through innovative training and materials geared for action.

The 2023 Winter MITM session is full. Please click the button above to stay notified about our next session.


Professional Development Topics

Professional development topics focus on real-life strategies for creating and maintaining high-quality early childhood environments related to all issues that are important for early learning educators. Some examples include:

  • Behavior Guidance
  • Child Development
  • Schedules and Routines
  • STEM
  • Family Engagement
  • Early Childhood Leadership
  • Language and Literacy
  • Infant and Toddler Topics
  • Brain Architecture/Development
  • Health and Safety


Every development opportunity includes time for participants to engage in reflective practice and practical application of their work. Facilitators use a Reflect-Plan-Implement to encourage participants to recognize and modify their interactions and environments to best fit the needs of the children.





Following training, some professional development experiences offer participants the ability to reinforce learning with one on one support from the Professional Development Experts.




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Annual Early Childhood Conferences

Join us every Spring in Phoenix and Fall in Flagstaff for our annual conferences. We bring together top experts in early childhood education for new, relevant, and innovative training tracks. Our conferences equip educators, caregivers, and parents on topics such as behavior guidance, curriculum, communication, STEAM, language and literacy, leadership, and much more.

I loved this symposium! Lots of helpful materials and ideas. Loved the opportunity to meet other people who are in the same field.

- 2018 Conference Attendee

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