I am a caregiver

I am a caregiver

Help them grow

With Candelen's Early Childhood Development Resources for Caregivers, we give you the necessary knowledge and tools to provide kids with a bright start in a safe and stimulating environment.

I love coming to the Kith & Kin sessions because I am learning that through play, the children are developing their brains.

- Caregiver Testimonial

I want to enhance my caregiving skills

Our programming offers support and education to help you learn everything you need to know about guiding young minds, encouraging kids’ growth, and nurturing their interests.

Kith and Kin

This program offers ongoing classes about all aspects of high-quality child care to help you create a supportive environment while following best safety practices. These resources will enhance kids’ surroundings and broaden your awareness of early childhood development.

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Language & Literacy

Gain the tools you need to foster children’s love of reading. This program will teach you to encourage the language skills of kids in your care and provide materials for a dedicated reading nook in your home.

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Play & Learn

You already have everything you need to stimulate your child’s brain development. We can help teach you daily techniques to engage with kids and strengthen their minds.

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I am looking for tools

We’ve curated a collection of resources designed to help you provide the best care possible.


Babies are born ready to learn. Vroom provides thousands of fun, free activities to help caregivers and educators use common materials to strengthen the minds of kids in their care.

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Sesame Street Toolkits

Video snippets on a broad range of topics, from healthy eating to math and relationships, help kids understand different elements of day-to-day life.

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PBS for Parents

Access articles about parenting and enjoy age-specific games with familiar PBS characters. You can also filter activities based on skills you want to help your kids develop.

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I want to get referrals for
my child care service

If you care for kids in your home, register with Child Care Resource and Referral to gain more exposure. It’s one of Arizona’s most reputable databases of child care providers.

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I want to explore professional development opportunities

Expand your capabilities with professional development programs led by our experts. These opportunities can further your understanding of developing minds and teach you how to integrate new tools and strategies into care settings.

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Play your part

Thousands of kids throughout Arizona benefit from the support and education we provide. If you want to help every child achieve the brightest outlook possible, we encourage you to pay it forward.

Invest in kids