The Association for Supportive Child Care Announces Long-Awaited Rebranding

June 30, 2021  |  Published by

The Association for Supportive Child Care (ASCC) is thrilled to announce their long-awaited rebrand as Candelen.

For more than four decades, ASCC has been at the forefront of innovative educational programs that nurture children to be their most brilliant selves. The company has embraced the rapid evolution of caregivers’ needs, and the result is a refreshed, modernized organization with promise to continue providing improved education and the best care possible.

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Four years after the Equal Opportunity Act was passed, the Association for Supportive Child Care was born in order to help working Arizona mothers find child care. Over these 45 years, we have grown and evolved to not only help find child care for working families, but also to build programs and systems that optimize the quality of care and education. With the evolution of purpose and mission comes the need for a new brand. A brand that communicates our vision to create a world where all children have the essentials they need to succeed so that they can achieve the brightest outlook possible.

Nicole Newhouse
Chief Executive Officer

This rebrand is rooted in the company’s continual commitment and ambition to maximize kids’ vibrancy by offering resources, tools, and support to educators, caregivers, communities, families, and, most importantly, kids.

About Candelen
Founded in 1976 as a private, nonprofit corporation, Candelen is dedicated to shaping the future of Arizona by enhancing the quality of care for children so that they can achieve the brightest outlook possible. Fueled by the core values of relentless pursuit of challenge, excellence, and humility, Candelen works fiercely to provide support, training, education, and professional development to those that care for and educate young children.

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