Candelen Receives Grant to Empower Early Childhood Caregivers and Teachers

February 11, 2021  |  Published by

Candelen has received a $20,000 grant from the PNC Foundation to support the Kith & Kin program. The grant will fund a 15-week series of weekly sessions that provide training and support to Family, Friend, and Neighbor (FFN) child care providers to improve the quality of care provided to young children.

PNC Grow Up Great Grant Announcement (Jan 2021)

We applaud the work that Candelen is doing to make sure that home-based child care providers receive the necessary training and supportive resources they need to keep kids safe, healthy and happy; they too are essential workers and without them, there is no economic recovery.

Cathleen Walker
PNC Regional President
Head of Corporate Banking for Arizona

27% of children in Arizona live in poverty, according to the First Things First 2020 Annual Report. Imagine being able to give these children the ability to break the cycle of poverty by giving them access to early learning experiences that can level the playing field. Additionally, according to the First Things First 2019 Building Bright Futures Report, an estimated 62% of Arizona children do not have the opportunity to attend preschool, potentially reducing their readiness for kindergarten.

Children in these settings do not have the same equity of experience as children in traditional preschool classrooms. The data shows that the children are less prepared for kindergarten and are left with a lower ability to be successful. The children often come from low income homes where families worry about putting enough food on the table. As a result of financial hardship, the children may not have access to education materials that can prepare them for their kindergarten experience.

The funding from the PNC Foundation will allow Candelen to help at-risk children being cared for in vulnerable homes to level the playing field so they can arrive at kindergarten ready to learn and thrive. FFN caregivers are an essential component of how Arizona's children are cared for now more than ever.

Mona Qafisheh
Director of Grants & Contracts

Madeleine Lovett

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