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The old saying is still true: It takes a village to raise a child. Our team will help connect you with resources like reliable child care, techniques to encourage healthy brain development, and parenting materials to support the growth of both you and your kid.

Learning about children’s brain development [through Candelen’s services] has made me realize what a big role as parents we play in young kids lives.

- Parent Testimonial

I want to hone my parenting skills

Learn innovative methods and proven skills that positively impact your child's development.

Kith and Kin

This program offers ongoing classes about all aspects of high-quality child care to help you create a supportive environment while following best safety practices. These resources will enhance kids’ surroundings and broaden your awareness of early childhood development.

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Play & Learn

You already have everything you need to stimulate your kid’s brain. We’ll teach you techniques that can be used daily to engage with your kids and strengthen their minds.

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Kidding Around Yoga

Destress with your family through a kid-friendly yoga flow that teaches focus, harmony, and physical coordination.

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I am looking for high-quality child care

You want your kids to receive the best care available. Here are the top three things to look for when selecting a provider.

1. Adult-to-child ratio:

Lower adult-to-child ratios are good indicators of high-quality care. They help ensure children get enough one-on-one attention from educators and caregivers. Responsive caregiving is extremely important to children's social and emotional development, health, safety, and learning abilities. Recommended adult-to-child ratios vary by age range. The total number of kids in a classroom impacts their learning experience, and smaller groups are better for their education. The national baseline for quality ratios has been established by the National Association for the Education of Young Children, but each state sets their own maximum ratios. Arizona’s baseline ratios are higher than the national level for quality.


Age AZ Baseline National Baseline
Birth–12 months 1:5 1:4
12–24 months 1:6 1:6
2 years old 1:8 1:6
3 years old 1:12 1:10
4–5 years old 1:13 1:10

2. Class size:

The total number of kids in a classroom plays a large role in their learning experience. Smaller groups are better for their education.





3. Happy kids, happy class:

When reviewing a possible provider, look to see if kids are connecting with their peers while engaging in work and play. Print off the checklist below to see which traits all good child care centers should have, and take it with you for during your visit.

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I am looking for tools

We’ve taken the time to highlight and aggregate the best tools available to parents like you.

Birth to Five Helpline

If you have a family with young children, you can connect with early childhood professionals regarding a wide range of topics including everything from sleep and potty training to biting.

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Bright by Text

Bright by Text is a free parent and caregiver messaging program for children ages 0–5. It provides research-based content, information, and resources from Bright by Three, PBS Parents, Vroom, Fred Rogers, and Sesame Workshop.

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Babies are born ready to learn, and Vroom provides thousands of fun, free activities to show parents, caregivers, and educators they have everything they need to be brain builders.

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PBS for Parents

Access articles about parenting and enjoy age-specific games with familiar PBS characters. You can also filter activities based on the skills you want to help kids develop.

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Sesame Street Toolkits

Explore video snippets on a broad range of topics, from healthy eating to relationships, that help kids understand different elements of day-to-day life.

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Early Childhood Education support

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Thousands of kids across Arizona benefit from the support and education our organization provides. If you want to help children achieve their brightest futures, we encourage you to pay it forward.

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