Candelen Announces Virtual Event “Talking to Kids About Tough Sh*t”

March 17, 2022  |  Published by

Candelen is pleased to announce their upcoming virtual event, Talking to Kids About Tough Sh*t, starting at 6:00pm MST (Arizona Time) on Tuesday, March 29, through Facebook Live.

This event will include raw, open dialogue about navigating conversations with children to address difficult topics such as divorce, death of a loved one or pet, school shootings, sex, suicide, war, illness, natural disasters, COVID-19, bullying, and more. Participants will hear honest, real-life reflections from a diverse panel of parents to dissect what was addressed well in their conversations, what could have been addressed better, and how both adult and child walked away from the conversation.

These things are tough to talk about... especially with our little ones. They don't have enough experience to understand some of the complex elements of life. Our goal with this live event is to help families navigate those hard conversations. Together, we'll work on addressing feelings, providing reassurance, breaking down topics to their simplest terms, and catching our own biases.

Madeleine Lovett
Communications & Brand Specialist

The panel includes Britt VanSickle, East Valley Moms contributor, domestic violence advocate, registered lobbyist, grant writer, nonprofit fundraiser, and mother of three; Lindsay Olivarez, East Valley Moms contributor, Candelen Board of Directors Chair, college professor, former lawyer, and mother of two; and Ethan Lovett, drone pilot, videographer, community volunteer, and father of one. Jennifer Tunning, Candelen Director of Clinical Services, will facilitate the event.

Madeleine Lovett

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