Language and Literacy

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Our Language and Literacy program improves your ability to better support language development. We provide one-on-one assistance through in-home, language-related activities and environment enhancements to bolster literacy.

Flourishing in Language and Literacy

Child care providers receive a four-hour orientation covering our Language & Literacy program, followed by up to six in-home training sessions. During each visit, you’ll work with our team to identify common goals for the environment and children. Ultimately, you’ll be able to better utilize the space and develop a plan to implement reading and writing corners.

2015 Evaluation     2016 Evaluation

Brother and sister read a book together, enhancing their language and literacy skills.

Each participating home receives books, bookshelves, rugs, tables and chairs, writing, and dramatic play materials. These will be used in the reading/writing corners to encourage each child’s reading skills. With these resources and assistance, the Language & Literacy program ensures home-based environments where kids spend much of their time are equipped with the resources necessary to prepare young learners for kindergarten.

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If you’re a caregiver looking for expert guidance, we encourage you to reach out and tell us about yourself. Once we know more about your circumstances, we can recommend and provide the assistance that best suits you.

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While at school, the kids teacher reads a large illustration book with students.