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We understand that finding a needed resource in the moment can be a frustrating task. Our goal is to create a simplified process where you can access forms and resources in order to flourish in the Quality First system.

Resources and Websites

Quality First Extranet

Your unique Quality First database that houses classrooms, staffing, and rating information for your Quality First program.

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Dept. of Education

The Arizona Department of Education offers resources and trainings for early care and education providers.


Workforce Registry

Grow your skills, advance your career, and keep all of your experience, professional development, and education in one place!

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Dept. of Health Services

The Arizona Department of Health Services has rules and regulations to be a licensed early childhood program in Arizona.

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ERS Assessment Tools

Nationally validated and reliable assessment tools, with a focus on classroom materials and environment, utilized by the statewide QRIS system.

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Dept. of Economic Security

The Arizona Department of Economic Security provides resources and economic support for parents and early childhood providers.


 CLASS Assessment Tools

Nationally validated and reliable assessment tools, with a focus on language and interactions, utilized by the statewide QRIS System.


Professional Development Trainings

Take your career further with in-person and virtual trainings that focus on real-life strategies for creating and maintaining high-quality early childhood environments.


Quality First
E-Signature Forms

We are going digital! As an ongoing effort to simplify your Quality First experience, Candelen is now offering forms in an electronic format.

Quality First Incentives

Incentive Order Form

Is your program spending through Candelen? If your Quality First participating site did not receive a payout check and you would like to place an order, please use the link below.

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1-3 Part. Guide

4-5 Part. Order

Expenditure Report

Did your program receive an incentive payout check? If your Quality First participating site received a payout check and you would like to report your spending, please use the link below.


4-5 Part. Checks

Program Designation

Have you had a recent change in leadership? The link below will allow you to update your Quality First main contact and program designee. This form must be updated when leadership changes occur.

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Quality First Supervisors

Ruth Ray - Round Headshot w Border

Ruth Ray

Director, Early Learning & Professional Support

(480) 829-0500, ext. 1113

Elizabeth Murray - Round Headshot w Border

Elizabeth Murray

Coach Supervisor

(480) 829-0500, ext. 2701

Tijana Perc - Round Headshot w Border

Tijana Perc

Coach Supervisor

(480) 829-0500, ext. 1144

Tiffany Ricklefs - Round Headshot w Border

Tiffany Ricklefs

Coach Supervisor

(480) 829-0500, ext. 1132

Amy Vanderjack - Round Headshot w Border

Amy VanderJack

Coach Supervisor

(480) 829-0500, ext. 1205

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