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Where are the kids?

During COVID-19, child care provided by family, friends, and neighbors has been proven essential.

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Hi, we're Candelen. It's nice to meet you.

You might know us as the Association for Supportive Child Care, but as of July 1, 2021, we completed our long-awaited transition to Candelen. We're excited to continue helping kids shine their brightest as a modernized, progressive organization.

Igniting Bright Futures

Every child has unlimited potential; we ensure they have chances to realize it. Our early childhood experts provide programs and tools that empower parents, caregivers, decision makers, and educators to act in the best interest of young ones. Our perpetual focus on innovation, iteration, and collaboration encourages adults to overcome any obstacle and uncover every opportunity to help kids shine.

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There’s a challenge

  • 29% of young kids
    in Arizona live in poverty
  • More than 50%
    of low-income kids are not prepared for kindergarten
  • The majority of kids
    that start behind, stay behind
Chlildcare solutions Arizona

We’re the solution

In the last year:

  • 45,922
    children served
  • 1,152
    parents & caregivers supported
  • 5,219
    educators assisted
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Early Childhood Education support


Early education is always a sound investment. For every $1 spent on early childhood, the community sees a $16 return through increased graduation rates, higher wages, and decreased welfare dependence. Your contribution to our essential services brings prosperity back to the community, its children, and residents like you by creating better outcomes for future generations.

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Your time and talents are valuable. Dedicate them to work that strengthens your community by partnering with us to extend the reach of critical early childhood education programs. Explore the many ways you can help kids shine, from one-on-one assistance to group activities.

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Early Childhood care

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