Children are at significant risk of falling behind in their education during the pandemic, which will have long-term implications on their future success in school, emotional wellbeing, and productivity and earning potential in their careers. More parents than ever have had to rely upon their families, friends and neighbors (FFN) to care for their children in response to restrictions imposed by COVID, and it is critical that these caregivers have the supportive resources they need to give kids a fair shot at the brightest future possible.

FFN providers have acted as the backbone of early childhood for more than 35 years, steadily caring for approximately 53% of all kids birth to five across the United States. This care has proven to be essential for families to be able to work and provide, especially as more and more child care centers have had to close their doors during COVID. We know operational child care centers are currently serving 32% fewer children, so we must ask where these kids are being cared for to be able to develop solutions that empower families with the resources they need, where they need them.

Together, we can answer this question. We invite you to share your story about how these critical caregivers have supported your family during this time, along with #WhereAreTheKids.

53% statistic #WhereAreTheKids
32% statistic #WhereAreTheKids
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