Derek Hicks

Interim Chief Executive Officer Candelen

What makes Candelen mission meaningful to you?

The mission at Candelen, to ensure that every child in Arizona has the same chance to succeed. The opportunity for every child to have the same chance at a bright and vibrant future regardless of circumstances resonated with me immensely. The relentless drive to fulfill this promise to our children is so evident in everything we do and I am so fortunate to work with and for this amazing group of people who touch these children every day.

What motivates you?

The lasting lesson for me is to always do whatever you can to help the ones behind you. The parents, teacher, and professionals that we complement want the children in their care to have the best possible chance to succeed on their own.  My involvement with Candelen and these incredible professionals allows me to help smooth the way for the next generation, so they have the best opportunities possible.