About Triple P

Why won't my child do what I'm telling them to do?
Why do my children whine all the time?
All I want them to do is stop running around the house and clean up their toys!

Triple P (Positive Parenting Program) aims to make parenting easier. These classes will offer suggestions and ideas on parenting to help you really enjoy raising your child.

Candelen is now offering Triple P!

Group Triple P is an evidence-based program that offers a curriculum for parents to learn and utilize new skills. The group is aimed for parents with kids ages 2-12 and for those who may be struggling with behavioral issues. The group's goal is to reduce family conflict/stress, improve problem solving skills and family relationships, increase parent confidence, and improve family independence. Group interactions will include videos, role playing, instructions, and communicating with other parents.

Triple P can help you:

  • Encourage behavior you like
  • Deal with problem behavior
  • Be realistic about parenting
  • Take care of yourself
early education teacher support

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