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Healing Centered and Trauma Informed


Healing Centered and
Trauma Informed

Presenter: Laura Porter


Human beings turn to community for belonging and healing, yet each community’s ability to nurture wellbeing is deeply affected by historical trauma and Adverse Childhood Experience (ACE).

This presentation will review the ways that experience during development can affect cognition, relationships, health, behavior, and patterns of crisis and coping, as well as discuss implications for working in places with high ACE prevalence. Stories and case studies will illustrate how leaders use trustworthy processes to engage people in healing-centered activities with the power to generate the future we imagine for our grandchildren.

Laura Porter is the Co-Founder of ACE Interface, a public health education and consultation firm that helps leaders to use ACE Study concepts to build Self-Healing Communities. She is passionate about the power of community to improve people's lives. Laura is a former elected County Commissioner and Director of a Governor's Cabinet initiative in Washington State. For nearly two decades, Laura worked with 30 communities and 9 tribal nations to create a model for community capacity development that is consistent with living systems theory and indigenous healing wisdom. With her business partner, Dr. Rob Anda, she has trained over 1,500 ACE interface educators to engage everyone in Adverse Childhood Experience prevention and the practice of building Self-Healing Communities. She provides support and services to a wide range of groups, from parents and youth who are convening neighborhood conversations, to philanthropic leaders and government officials who are using ACE science in investment and policy decisions.


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Laura Porter
Laura Porter