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Opening The Culture Door

Understanding The Impact Your Culture
Has On Your Teaching Style And Expectations
Of Children's Behavior

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Opening The Culture Door: Understanding The Impact Your Culture Has On Your Teaching Style And Expectations Of Children's Behavior

Presenter: Barbara Kaiser

Everyone has a culture and our culture is the framework for our lives. Children naturally develop the characteristics that their own culture values. They begin to construct their identity—to understand who they are—from understanding their own culture and by responding to how others see and relate to them. Sometimes a cultural conflict, visible or invisible, causes or contributes to challenging behavior. Maybe behavior that is inappropriate in the child-care setting or school is acceptable—or even desirable—at home. This keynote explores how understanding the impact of cultural influences on both the educator and the child can improve a teacher’s ability to prevent and respond to challenging behavior.

Barbara Kaiser has worked with early childhood educators, children, and their families for over 40 years. She is the co-author of Challenging Behavior in Young Children: Understanding, Preventing and Responding Effectively, 4th Edition, Addressing Challenging Behavior in Young Children: The Leader's Role, recently published by the NAEYC, and Meeting the Challenge: Effective Strategies for Challenging Behaviours in Early Childhood Environments as well as numerous articles on children’s behavior. She has taught at Concordia University in Montreal, Quebec and Acadia University in Nova Scotia, and presented workshops and keynote speeches in the U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Switzerland, and Mauritius. She was the chief consultant for Addressing Youth Violence: An Intersectoral, Integrated Approach for Western Nova Scotia, and designed webinars and guides for teachers and administrators to reduce and respond to bullying behavior for the Nova Scotia Department of Education. She developed video programs focused on managing children’s challenging behavior, with Family Communications Inc. and with the Devereux Center for Resilient Children. Recently she has provided numerous webinars on leadership, challenging behavior, and supporting children, families and staff returning to school and childcare after COVID19.

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Barbara Kaiser
Barbara Kaiser