Candelen Announces New Board Chair, Derek Hicks

July 11, 2022  |  Published by

Candelen is thrilled to announce that Derek Hicks, Downtown Glendale Branch Manager at Arizona Central Credit Union, has been named the organization's new Chair of the Board of Directors.

Derek Hicks
Derek Hicks

Originally from Dallas, Texas, Derek has been an Arizona resident since 1999, and has been deeply involved in the communities of Tucson and Phoenix ever since. Professionally, Derek has over 15 years of financial services & wealth management experience, working for some of the largest, most prestigious firms worldwide. Derek, a Candelen board member since November 2018, lives in Phoenix with his family, where he enjoys spending time with friends, golfing, and being a burgeoning backyard pitmaster.


I couldn't be more excited to serve this organization and this community in this capacity. I am deeply passionate about providing environments where Arizona's children feel heard, valued, and protected. To be able to further this mission, at this level, is incredibly humbling... and I'm ready to put in the work.

Derek Hicks
Chair, Board of Directors


Hicks' new role as Chair, Board of Directors will exercise facilitation of board leadership and governance, direction of committees, recruitment and development of new board members, oversight for the CEO, and goal/priority identification.

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